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FUN FUN FUN Nosework Class

6 weeks – 1 hour - $150
Nose Work is a fun search and scenting activity that all dogs and people can enjoy. It starts by getting your dog excited about using his nose to find their favorite toy or food hidden in one of several boxes. As your dog becomes more confident with his nose, the game expands to entire rooms, exterior areas, and vehicles.

In this class you and your dog will be searching for the odor of Birch, the first essential oil used in the sport.
There must be strong foundation skills before moving onto odor detection.

  • Dogs learn to search for the odor of Birch and become odor obedient 
  • Container, interior, exterior and vehicle searches.
  • Sharpens the handler's observation skills.
  • Introduce final response.
  • Learn how odor works in corners and channels.
  • Strenghten threshold entry to search area.
In this class the dog/handler team will begin their Nose Work adventure into odor. The odor of Birch will be introduced.