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TNT's Day Training Program
We offer a Day Training Program where you drop off your dog for Training, Enrichment and Socializing using  our "Whole Dog Approach" Training, using Science based and Positive methods.  

This program is for Puppies or Dogs who has taken class with us or been involved in private training sessions. 

Follow our training protocols to have that happy, healthy well-balanced dog. 

How Does it Work?         
  Your Puppy or Dog will come to TNT's 2 days a week for 6 weeks (days of week are yet to be determined). Drop off will be between 7am and 8am and pick up will be 430pm to 530pm. Each week there will be a transfer session to discuss the techniques we used with you dog for that week and what to reinforce at home. 
This program will include:
* Leash, Collar, Treat Pouch, and an Enrichment item of your choice and a well-balanced happy Family Member

What does your dog learn? 

* Basic Manners: Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Wait at the Door
* Loose Leash Walking
* Crate Training
* Mat/Place Training
* Greeting People Nicely

There will be a schedule of multiple exercises that they will also be participating in throughout the day, such as:

* Treadmill
* Off Leash Play
* Walks
* Sensory Playground
 * Downtime (during downtime they will receive enrichment which will include, Lick mats, Snuffle mats, Chews, or Kongs

For the 6 weeks of day training for 2 days a week, which is 12 all day sessions, will be $1000 which includes all of the above. That is $83 a day!
If you are interested, please email Tina at tlotharius1@sbcglobal.net to reserve your spot!