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                                                                   We are located at 1124 Waukesha Rd, Caledonia, WI                                                              
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1124 Waukesha Rd
Socialization Time 

 We have Socialization Time on Saturdays by invitation only. If you are interested in getting on the list of notification for play group please send me an email at tlotharius1@sbcglobal.net and I will put you on the mailing list! 
Outdoor Adventures: Leaving Tracks All Over Town Class

5 Weeks - 60 to 90 minute Class $175

This class is the first of its kind in the Oak Creek/Franklin area! It takes the dog/handler team out of the classroom. Besides giving your dogs additional socialization by getting them comfortable around a variety of sights and sounds, this class teaches reliability in real life situations by using previously learned skills. It gives classroom exercises a Real World application by training around a variety of distractions.

We all want to take our dogs with us, but can we trust them to behave? Our dogs are often well-behaved at home and in the classroom, but in real life our dogs and we often forget our training.

A major focus of this class is to train using Positive Training Methods in all situations while conditioning our dogs to use good manners, such as: walking nicely down a crowded street; greeting new people of all ages and appearances nicely; riding comfortably in a crowded elevator; sitting and staying in a variety of settings, such as when a jogger, bicyclist or another dog passes. If you want to have fun and strengthen your relationship with your dog, this is the class for you.

Field trips include places such as shopping areas; office buildings; and local parks and trails. (Directions for each location will be given out the week before each class.)

Prerequisite: Completion of "Shaping Up" Training Skills Class.