T*N*T Pawsitive K-9 Training
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Agility 1:

 This class is for a beginning dog, new to agility who wants to learn agility for fun this is not for competition. This class is for you and your dog to create a great bond and build confidence in your dog. Requirements would be your dog would have to have completed Tina's puppy class or another similar class, be dog friendly, know sit, down and have a good recall. This class to start with will be on leash, so have at least a 6 foot long leash, no chains or flexi leashes, a buckle collar and lots of great soft treats! Maximum size of class will be 4.
Agility 2:

In that class it would be mostly off leash, learning new obstacles. Requirements for this class, same as above but have to completed Agility 1 . Limit 4
Puppy Agility

So you've taken puppy class and and are wandering What's next?

Puppy agility is your class. Puppy agility will be the class that fills in the gap between puppy class and Agility 1 or puppy II class and Agility 1. In this class we will be continuing work on that much needed bond between owner and dog to get through adolescence and on into a great adult dog. WE will continue work in basic obedience work, work on attention and things you didn't know your dog needed like rear end awareness, ladder work, wobble board work and other fun things needed to continue on to Agility 1. Agility classes always focus on fun and celebrating each major accomplishment and this class will be no exception. Come join the fun. Puppies from age around 10 weeks to six months are ideal candidates. Limit to 6.